Future Location of Valley Township Fire and EMS?


Fire Department site

      The current fire station for the Valley Township Fire Department, located on Beechwood Street, was constructed in 1966 and has served the Fire Department well. While the building is in good condition, it no longer serves the needs of modern day fire service. The main problem with this structure is the truck bays are not deep enough for todays fire trucks.

      In the 1960's fire trucks were shorter and firemen rode standing on the back of the truck, in a harness, on the way to a fire scene. This act is no longer legal. Today, fire trucks are manufactured with a personnel cab and seat belts, which extended the length of trucks. New trucks just will not fit in the station.

      The Board of Trustees has considered renovation of the existing station by building an extention to the front of the station which would make the bays deep enough for todays needs. However, that creates a whole new set of problems. If the decision is made to renovate the existing building, then the existing building will need to be brought up to todays building codes. This would require ADA compliance with handicap bathroom facilities, electrical wiring upgrades, sprinkler systems, and provisions for bloodborne pathogens guildlines in the EMS service, just to mention a few costly changes. It appears it would be more cost effective to construct a new station then to renovate the existing one.

      Valley Township owns property at the intersection of Robert Lucas RD and State Route 728. Over the last few weeks township employees have cleared this property so a better evaluation can be made to determine if this property is a suitable building site. If a decision is made to construct a new Fire and EMS station at this location, then the existing fire station would be used as the township garage. This would resolve severe problems township workers face yearly as there currently are no heated facilities for equipment in the winter. This appears to be the most cost effective solution for the township and addresses many problems. 

      The Board of Valley Township Trustees would like to hear your opinions. Please take a few minutes and send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know if you support the construction of a new Fire and EMS Station for your township!

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