Valley Township

Zoning Information

Current Zoning Board Members

Kim Carrington, Zoning Inspector: (740)285-0031

Shannon Horton: (740)464-0411

Robbie Hall: (740)285-3850

Laquita Abrams: (740)464-5975

Bob Neal

Valley Township, Ohio Zoning Map

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Permit Application for Valley Township

Valley Township Zoning Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2010


Single Family Dwelling or Mobile Home $32.00
Two Family Dwelling $63.00
Multiple Dwellings -First three (3) units $25.00
Each Additionally Family Dwelling (In excess of three (3)) $7.00
Commercial / Industrial - First 1000 sq. feet $63.00
Accessory Buildings or Room Additions $13.00

No Charge for Certificate of Occupancy.
No fee or permit shall be required for buildings and structures for agricultural purposes.


Advertising a Home Occupation $7.00
Advertising Business or Service $13.00
Other than home occupation, being operated on premises
Political Signs Deposit $63.00

Deposit required when permit is issued and shall be returned provided all signs have been removed within 10 days after election